I’m Getting Hungry


I eat every 2-3 hours. That is pretty often, and takes a bit of planning to stay prepared. I know with out a shred of doubt that in order for me to stay lean and strong I need to eat… A lot. The first time someone ever gave me this theory I thought to myself that “you must be crazy”. But I listened thankfully and started eating more often and more varieties of fresh healthy food. I felt better immediately and started to loose weight.

I am careful now to have enough carbohydrates in my diet to stay strong and sharp. And of course enough lean protein to keep the muscle and build more of it. I rarely think about what I eat anymore, because it really has become a lifestyle. I don’t only eat grilled chicken and broccoli every meal, blah! I feed all three of my kids the same things and they love it. Funny enough, they prefer some of my ‘clean’ recipes to the originals. We really are taught how to eat, and that is definitely one thing I want them to take with them in life. The importance of food, quality food and how it fuels our bodies to do amazing things.

You will see regular postings of my favourite cleaned up recipes, starting with a ‘clean’ shephards pie tomorrow.

For now, I’m on a forced 2 day rest – because my body is saying slow down. Too much intensity in the last few weeks. Rest is just as important as the work and recovery you put in.

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