What’s The Point?


I’ve been asked about my goals quite a few times over the last few weeks. I really had to stop and think about it. If I could rewind 1 year I would be able to tell you without a doubt what I was thinking; “get in shape”. I had just had my third daughter and I wanted to loose the weight and look like I did pre-babies. I have worked extremely hard over the last year to accomplish that exact thing. Last week was my daughters 1st birthday and I took a moment to thank ‘myself’ for the dedication and commitment I put in. I really did it. Go me”!!!

Now, ‘maintaining’ doesn’t seem so exciting, and I really don’t know what the next level looks like. What vision do I have for myself in 3 months? 6, 12? What am I working towards?

Then I saw this, and said “exactly”!  I definitely got ‘good’. Now it’s time to work hard and get better! And when that happens, roll up the sleeves and get best!

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