A Peak? A High Point In Between Two Low Points!

cartoon_girl_with_laptop1When you really work your butt off you eventually hit a high point for yourself, a peak so to speak. Amazing, great job, lets celebrate your accomplishments and then lets prepare mentally for the settling into the maintenance phase. A step very often forgotten. I was recently a victim! Someone get a tissue…

The maintenance phase is where you should experience balance. Do not define balance as something stagnant, view it as the constant movement and adjustment to your life, harmoniously, dynamically. It takes a shift in thinking to set yourself on this page.

Being too rigid or too extreme will lead you to imbalance. It is at this point that you need to decide what your baseline will be, and what works for you physically and mentally. Baseline meaning the minimum work you will put in regularly for the results that you can live and be happy with.

For me, seeing less definition in my abs made my internal state tense, almost panic. What did that mean? Was I getting out of shape? All that hard work, and now it’s slipping away? Pretty dramatic right? Obsessive and not healthy right? Well, the truth will set you free.

A very small percentage of people can stay in their top physically shape all year round. So the rest of us need to understand these phases, accept them and manage them to coincide with vacations and any events requiring beach ware! Maintenance has a reputation for sounding easy but in reality it is progress and growth in  a different suit (pardon the pun).

Here’s to keeping both the mind and body healthy!

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