Clean For The Family


I have a huge problem finding nutritious, clean, lean and healthy meals for the whole family.  I don’t want to turn into my mother who use to cook four different variations of meals for her picky eaters. I am not the woman who can do that and still remain sane and somewhat sociable. So I struggle to find recipes that align with my fitness goals and feed my family in an exciting way.

When I go online to find healthy (like really healthy, not the fake kind with ketchup or processed cheese or 1/2 cup of sugar as an ingredient) and kid friendly recipes, i become very discouraged. Of course there are amazing healthy recipes (check out sprouted but not always very family friendly.  It takes time to open a childs pallet to new tastes and textures (But I’m on it) So I’ve renewed my purpose to facilitate fitness and vow to share all the treasures I find. I admit in advance that I am quite on the extreme side of “healthy”, looking to stay lean and still remain to eat well, enjoying my snacks and meals. A girl can always dream!

Funny enough just soon after I thought “this is so harrrrrdddd”, I got an email from a great kid site called This great veggie burger and avocado yogurt topping. SOLD! (With or without the bun!)

I’ve attached the link  below:

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