The Lebanese Cheat

Ok, so i make no secret that I am constantly looking for meals that keep me a ‘lean machine’ and make my three young kids happy and singing my culinary praises. No small feat I know!

Every once in a while I go for what I like to call the “Lebanese Cheat”. Don’t confuse this with a cheat meal. Its Monday people, no such luck here. This is the longest point between cheat meals (Sunday is the day of gluttony). I go to my neighbourhood Arabic supermarket and add to cart the following:

Marinated shish-taouk chicken breast, large container humus, large basmati rice prepared, whole wheat pita bread, Lebanese cucumbers, tomatoes, and a prepared taboule salad (a parsley, lemon, garlic salad).

I serve kids the chicken with a large dollop of humus, side of rice, triangles of pita bread with sliced cucumbers. Yah baby! Then I serve myself aprox. 4oz of that same chicken (grilled), dollop of humus, cucumbers, tomatoes and taboule salad. Double yah baby!

I don’t dwell too much on what the chicken is marinated in, a loss I’m willing to live with. I try to flush with more water than usual because I am sure its heavier on the salt than I would of used. Everyone is happy and there is minimal dishes to do. A ‘cheat’ i can feel good about!

Good news is there is humus left over for my carrots tomorrow, and if the kids behave (doubtful) I can make them a treat of cinnamon sugar pita breads. I recipe Ill share when I’m full, instead of like now – ready for my next meal!



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