Fill The “Quota” Or Suffer The Consequences!


I have a philosophy on clean eating…  If you don’t fill the food quota during the day, you will instinctively  fill it at night. Or if you think you’ve outsmarted your basic human instinct for self preservation, it will hit you the next day, or that week. You can’t starve yourself, survival will always win that battle.  The question is how much food do you need? You want to feel satisfied but not quite full. What works for me best… is eating often during the day. This keeps me satisfied so I don’t fall on the fridge and pantry when I get home hungry. Strategy wins the war, prepare to succeed.

On a side note… there was no fruit or good fats with breakfast… and no lean protein in the lunch salad…

Rule 1: Lean protein in every meal or snack

Rule 2: 5-10 servings of fruit and veggies daily (more veggies sneaky eaters)


2 thoughts on “Fill The “Quota” Or Suffer The Consequences!

  1. exactly, eat right but eat smart! moderation, not deprivation! alot of people eat salads the whole day, or like a few fruits and nuts and end up feeling so hungry at night they buy Mcdonalds! you gotta have your protein, vitamins and nutrients, and your carbs too! a little bit of carbs will help you!


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