Iron Love

Rogue Ohio Bar OLY ohio-bar-h3_2

Some woman ask for jewellery or clothes, or shoes, or spa trips… for their birthdays. All very nice, and any of those would make me very happy. But when asked this year what I may have wanted for my birthday (in an effort to make life easier) I had only 1 thing on my list. I was a little bit hesitant, well because apparently zinc is not the cheapest element on the chart. I said that I would love to have my own OLY bar for our home gym and was spoiled as usual when the hubby immediately got to ordering through Rogue. In my defence for asking for such a $$ gift, I did say we should order the mens 45lb bar so that we both could use it. My inner voice said that we’ll always know who’s it is, but i’ve learned that not all that goes on in there needs to be voiced out loud!

A few short days later (Go Rogue) my super nice UPS delivery guy dropped off  my present. Its was so shiny and new, I had to admire it every time I was in the room. I showed family and friends when they came over. I got plenty of weird looks from my less than enthusiastic fitness buffs, but all in all they saw how happy it made me. My husband is the best! Blessed many times over.

At my amazing gym, with my amazing strength and fitness coach – who btw also doubles as my life coach, and secretly my biggest fan (the last two we haven’t discussed yet for his approval) we use this same bar. It was obviously he who suggested this be the bar to buy. Sometimes he makes us use a thicker barrel bar for grip practise – which really doesn’t make me happy or excited to do any of the movements at all. So I feel like I am definitely getting a step-up for our next sessions because I can practise the hip extension and explosion he likes to talk about. Brace my core, ‘screw the floor’, and release the hips. Easy on paper.

After all, practise makes perfect right?

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