Diet Success Depends On This

I was looking over a delicious plate of mac and cheese the other day and I didn’t feel the urge to face plant right into it. I reflected on that and concluded that on days where I feel like I’ve tasted food I rarely have the desire to ‘cheat’.  When I’m in a kitchen slump I always basically just hang around the pantry trying to convince myself that just a few cookies won’t be such a big deal. With me, its not just a few. The flood gates open and it’s game on! 

Diet success depends on quality food that tastes good. That way you feel satisfied and not restricted or ‘on a diet’. Because after all I’m not on a diet. Its a lifestyle choice. I eat according to my goals. All that being said I crumble if I don’t have an arcenal of delicious recipes at my disposal.

Here’s on of my new/old favorites.


I use any type really. I had Roma and grape tomatoes today. Slice in half, sprinkle with sea salt, some chopped basil and drizzle some EVOO and you are in for a treat. I bake at 350F for 30 minutes and then drop to 275F for a few hours. They cook down and become an amazing addition to any plate. Pasta, meat sauce, veggies.



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