Setting My Goals : Part I

I recently had a friend in from LA who I grew up with. We went for a quick workout together – Crossfit style, and bumped into our very svelte mutual friend. Long story short we left inspired and motivated by all the growth and change our friend had experienced the last year.

She’s visiting family for a bit and I’m going to visit her in LA in 6 weeks. Genius idea hit me:  She’s on the beginning of ‘getting back into shape’. Her career took off running a few years ago and with all the travelling she’s had a hard time finding consistency. Now, she has more control over her schedule and is ready for the challenge. Here is where ACCOUNTABILITY enters. Our genius idea is to hit it hard for the next 6 weeks, eat like champions and reveal ourselves – to each other – when she picks me up from the airport. A little fun way of getting a good kickstart to our goals.

What are my goals? Ok, so…

6 weeks: 4 pound loss. Wait, scratch that… tighten up. Its so easy to fall into bad habits. Skinny isn’t fit. So visible increase in tone. Mainly in quads and hamstrings.

I’m always skeptical of measuring progress in pounds loss, but I currently sit at 127.4lbs. Any weight loss on my 5’6″ frame means I have to ask myself seriously if I am loosing muscle. Trading numbers on the scale for tone.

8 weeks: Ab definition

12 weeks: Considerable difference in toning of legs. This is where I loose the last and gain the first, so this will be a huge accomplishment for me. I’ve been blessed with some junk in the trunk, but it is also the hardest for me to tone.

6 months: maintenance (hard work) of accomplishments. This to me is the hardest step. I failed at this over the last year. Getting comfortable instead of re-evaluating and staying consistent. More to come on my plan of attack for the maintenance phase.

So tomorrow the macro breakdown for the 4 week ‘diet’.

Here we go!

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