Let Yourself Be Free

Wild At Heart

Often when I am feeling free of my inhibitions, I feel most alive. I don’t feel weighed down by all those insecurities and that negative playback voice.  The thing is, its hard to stay that way. I’m not sure it’s because we get in the routine of daily life or because we have not made the habit of living intentionally from our hearts. Short of walking around with a post-it note on my hand to remind me if I am choosing from my heart, I feel I would fall back into the rut from “inside my head”. The only way to stay in that space would be to live from that space regularly. Maybe a post-it on the kitchen cabinet. Maybe one on my cars dashboard. Genius idea… let’s make this a two week challenge. I work well with accountability. Every decision should be made from the heart, in line with what makes the heart feel good. Small and large. Please post your comments below with any inspiration or challenges. I think we owe it to ourselves to open up the chest space and live fully from ourselves. I’ll be honest about my journey over the next 2 weeks.

Sending some love your way!

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