Stay True

Stay True

For some reason the song from Frozen comes to mind when I read this. Staying true to your heart means letting go of what your head is trying to convince you of. ‘Knowing’ originates from your heart not your head.

I made some more interesting decisions today. Ever since I started paying attention to my decisions, I feel like I am taking better care of myself. Or should I say being kinder to myself. My small decisions are all lining up to make it easier for me, honestly reflecting on how I will feel. It’s a  very strange thing when you start to practise living intentionally. The big ‘deal’ today was that I decided to cut off all “work” at 9pm. I can watch tv, or read, or surf Pinterest,puts around but nothing more serious than that. Lets see how this goes. And how long I can make it last. Wish me luck.

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