Leave It All Out

Suicide Pace

What’s the worst that could happen? I pass out, I fall over? Not the end of the world. I realized that my belief about myself during training was not one of confidence. I was always second guessing myself and planning to fail before I even tried a heavy lift. I felt bad about struggling through these workouts. But, I decided to shift that energy and get a grip. Let’s change the vocabulary here. Not struggling, working hard. Damn hard. And that is something I am proud of. I am giving it everything I have, each rep, each weight lifted. I have nothing to feel bad about when I have left it all there! So when i find myself lying on the turf panting and muscles sore, I know i gave it my all. And that sense of accomplishment is the ultimate reward!

I am excited about my training again. Looking forward to challenges and excited about what this year will hold. My training translated to how I live in my daily life. Pushing myself to greater limits and surprising myself with how much life I have when I am brave enough to live it.

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