The Truth About You

Truth About You

I’m sure that I’m not alone when i think that I am more wholly myself when no one is around. I’m not busy pretending or living up to a standard I’ve created in my mind. It made me think of how we put this unrealistic pressure on ourselves to be ‘someone’ when who we are is completely enough.

Then I thought about the people in my life who don’t fit into this category and who I don’t make myself feel like I need to perform for. These people love me so madly, and because I am completely myself. How did they get to be those people? What’s the difference?

People can like the fake you, or love the real you.  Or like the fake you, and hate the real you. Either way, fake isn’t the way I want to live.

Cheers to the real you’s out there. One brave day at a time.

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