What Is Happening?

On the wall at home hangs a picture of my guy and I, about 8 and bit years ago. Our faces are so fresh, we look rested and full of energy, teeth sparkling and smiles for days.

Fast forward:

Sometimes we look at that picture and can’t keep it together. Laughing hysterically! Those are not the same faces we see today. What is happening?

Seriously though… aging starts in your 30’s. When you look ‘older’ in your 20’s it’s a good thing. Look at me more mature and stuff. But when your skin is pasty and dark circles are a face staple, not so cool anymore.

And my skin breakouts. The guy has hair in his ears. Things are a little droopier than last decade. I get it, I do. And aging gracefully has always been an ultimate goal of mine. It’s just the newness of this experience. Not new and fun but new and scary. Times like these I’m glad that I’m almost too tired to care.

Coffee is necessary. Mid day napping would be pretty amazing if I could manage to learn to do that. I’m only productive until 12pm. Steady decline after that. Money spent on creams, more money, less money. Do any of them help? To botox or not? Cellulite treatments, all to often hair apts to cover those white hairs. Nothing prepares you for this.

Where is the 30’s manual!



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