The Drive Home

Every day I learn something new. I learn something else I didn’t already know. I add to the list of things I had no idea about until that very second. Sometimes, if I have a bit of a drive home from where I learnt that new thing, I contemplate how I got through my life until that point. How could 1 person be responsible for so many people and things and not know much about anything? If the drive is long enough, I turn to positive self talk and tell myself that I’m on a learning curve and this is all good. Universe teaching me lessons about life, helping me grow. ¬†And if you see me talking to myself in the car, I’m pretty sure you’ll just assume that I’m on the phone. Totally normal, happens all the time.


I obviously go to bed way too tired to reflect on the fact that every day I get a little bit smarter. The easy or the hard way, better than I was yesterday.

Another 30’s reality, remembering I’m awesome. That fact keeps slipping my mind somehow. Adding that one to the 30’s fact book.

And for the record, I’m always in the car, and mostly the ride is long enough to give the more pleasant side of my personality a chance to prevail. I’ve worked it out that way, keeping my ego in check.




Renewed Focus

New Years Joke

New Years is one of my favourite times of the year. I love the ability to start fresh, look to the future and lay out plans. I love the energy that comes with renewed focus on the things that really matter. And I love the idea that I can wipe the slate clean and try again with anything I feel I’ve come up short on.

As I wrote out my boring resolutions, I happened to stumble apon an interview talking about making resolutions that make you feel good. When you think about it, the root of the resolution is so that when you achieve it, you feel great. But we don’t always plan with that intention. The whole point of the interview was to shift our focus away from the actual end result and concentrate not taking actions that make us feel good. Here’s an example. One of my resolutions was to blog 100 times during this year. What I really was trying to say was that I want to feel creative and make a habit of expressing myself creatively often. This makes me feel good. So if I quantify enough, I will achieve that. The difference in the two is your experience of the journey. Instead of waiting (hopefully) for the validation at the end date, you feel accomplished in the present moment when you are focused and clear on what and why you are doing something. Bottom line, clear and focused.

I am sure I will stumble along the way, but I feel renewed in my hope that I can settle more into myself confidently.

I plan to start sharing more of myself and my life here. Fitness is a huge part of my life, as well as family life. Raising 3 beautiful little girls, actively trying to be a good wife and partner, aspiring chef, juggling work, hobbies, are just some of the cards on the table. I plan to expand the conversation and see what happens.

Here’s to a wonderful year!